Yoga for the winter solstice

Sunrise over a snowy field

In the stillness of the solstice we pause and become aware of our visions and the seeds of our future growth waiting for birth. A time of reflection and celebration of the return of the sun as the days begin to lengthen.  (from Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred)

A lovely way to spend the winter solstice, preparing for the workshop I’m running tomorrow.

Although the darkest time of year, for me it marks the return of the sun as the days begin to lengthen once more. Doing Surya Namaskara, the sun sequence is a wonderful way to express our gratitude for the sun and to visualise it’s warmth and light, filling us with energy and vitality.

I also associate solstice with candles and the light of flames, as the sun is one huge mass of fire and light. We’ll be practicing a sequence based on a Dru dance called Becoming the Flame, which inspires you to strengthen your own inner flame.

And this darkness at the turning point of the year gives us time for reflection, for turning inwards. Looking back and looking towards the year ahead thinking about what seeds you’d like to sow in your life in order to grow into who you really are.