Energise with Dru Yoga

Woman jumping

Be honest – how often do you feel like this?

Over the next 6 weeks in my classes, we’ll be focusing on a different theme each week, and thinking about all the many benefits that yoga can bring. 

Starting this week with boosting energy levels.

In the busy lives that we all lead, how many of us haven’t said at some time, ‘ I’m too tired’, or ‘I’m exhausted’. You go to bed tired, and you wake up tired because your mind’s too active. Monday mornings are a real struggle, and you feel like you haven’t got the energy to lift a foot out of bed. Babies, snoring partner or noisy neighbours keep you awake, and you end up feeling completely frazzled.

Yoga has some great techniques for giving you a quick energy boost, and I’ll be sharing some of those this week. It won’t transform you into a human dynamo overnight, but you might go away with a bit more of a bounce in your step!