Do the twist!

Twisted corkscrew

From ‘The Inner Life of Asanas’ by Swami Lalitananda…….

“…. in the city, I see the effects of stressful lifestyles often related to work – the tight shoulders, the worried brows, the feeling that ‘I don’t have time’…The principles that are learned in class can be taken back to work. Once you experience the difference between tension and relaxation, you can relax in the moment. … The spinal twist, in a modified form can be discreetly practiced in most work situations. Symbolically, too, the twist relates to work. How often do you wind yourself into action and only take time to ‘unwind’ when you leave the workplace?”

Twisting movements are very good for keeping the spine flexible, and also give the internal organs a nice massage, so are good for the digestion and for detoxing. The spinal twist (ardha matsyendrasana) can transform negative emotions into more positive ones by spiralling our energy upwards, and often has a rejuvenating effect. As above, the twisting postures remind us to unwind and release knots of tension.