The Power of Fire

Candle and lotus

As the weeks pass, we move on to the element of fire for the theme of our classes for the next couple of weeks.

Fire – energising, warming and transformational as you burn the old to make room for the new. The sun is a huge ball of fire, unconditionally shining it’s light down on to the earth. So we’ll be practicing some postures and sequences to ignite our inner flame, bringing us strength and confidence.

The warrior postures (Virabhadrasana) help to activate the solar centre behind the navel, giving us courage and motivation. Chair of the heart (Utkatasana); another strong posture that strengthens the core muscles and opens the heart centre where we can visualise a golden flame, glowing brighter with each breath.

With the evenings becoming longer, it encourages us to light candles, bringing the light and warmth of the flame into our homes. Focusing your gaze on the flame helps to calm the mind and stimulates the pineal gland.

Some of the founders of Dru yoga were instrumental in bringing the World Peace Flame into being, drawing together numerous flames from around the world into one. As you gaze at your candle flame imagine it filling you with peace as you breathe in, and as you exhale, spread that peace out into your home, your street, your town and beyond.

“‘Fire is divine water’ they said, ‘flowing back to its source on high’. I remember looking at the huge flames and thinking that they were indeed like a huge waterfall flowing upwards. This, again, is an indication to us that fire is always reaching up to connect with the very highest forces of life.”

From ‘The Secret Power of Light’ by Mansukh Patel


A calming breath

breathe away stress

Photo credit Spiritual Awakenings

Continuing our theme of exploring ways to relieve the stress of this busy time of year, this week we’re going to do the calming moon sequence and practice a breathing technique called alternate nostril breath (nadi sodanam).  This brings us into balance, helps us to focus on the present moment and can lower blood pressure, so is a lovely breath to practice if you’re feeling a bit frazzled! Become more calm and peaceful.

“The secret lies in the present
– if you pay attention to the present,
you will be able to improve it.
And if you improve the present,
whatever happens afterwards will be better too.
Each day brings us Eternity”

From The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Inner Peace

beach and clouds

Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it – Unknown.

Yoga gives us the ability to cope with life more easily and not let ourselves be upset so much by what happens to us. We all find ourselves in difficult situations, but we have a choice about how we deal with those situations. We might say ‘They made me so angry’, or ‘They really upset me’. However strange it may seem, we can choose not to become angry or upset. We don’t have to be at the mercy of our mind or emotions, but can learn to ride the waves, and to calm them down. Practicing breathing techniques and relaxing the body helps us to pause, and not to react in habitual ways.

This week in class we’ll be focusing on restorative and calming postures to help us find that inner peace – even if just for a moment or two. You then can learn to string those moments together, until you have a whole long chain of them…………