A mudra for friendship

Lotus flower

“Imagine the bud of a lotus flower in your heart. Every time you inhale, the flower opens a bit more – until it finally is completely open and can absorb the full sunlight into itself. It lets itself be filled with light, lightness, warmth, love, desire and joy” ~ Gertrud Hirschi, Mudras – yoga in your hands.

A mudra is (usually) a position of the hands and fingers that can recharge your energy reserves and make you feel better about yourself. Another of the yoga tools to keep in your toolbox for when you need it.

We’re focusing on the lotus mudra this week, which is an opening gesture: with the heels of the hands together, you imagine opening your fingers like the lotus flower opens its petals to the sun. With the hands held in front of the heart, you can imagine opening your heart to whatever comes your way. So a good mudra to practice if you’re feeling a bit isolated or lonely. It also helps to make you a bit more approachable if you’re shy or tend to close yourself off from life and other people.

Tip: a useful mudra to practice if you use a mouse and keyboard a lot as it keeps the fingers flexible and stretches them out and back.