Sitting here with a bad cough, disappointed that I won’t be able to teach my classes again this week.  I often say to my students ‘accept yourself exactly as you are right now’. Having to take a dose of my own medicine now, and it’s not going down very well! All sorts of thoughts going through my mind, including – you’re a yoga teacher, you can’t get sick (bunkum) and people will expect me to be healthy because I do yoga (but I’m human too). I also don’t like disappointing my students and feel like I’m letting them down because I don’t have a stand-in teacher. (That’s ego talking, as my students won’t attach the same importance to it as I do).

I’m also learning the lesson of appreciation. When I worked with computers, it didn’t matter so much if I got a cough and couldn’t speak. But as a yoga teacher, my voice is really important, and although I thought I knew that and appreciated it, I only truly value it when it’s not there.  How many things does that apply to in our lives? We need to be grateful for each and every part of our miraculous selves and our lives every day.

So, I’ll try to stop fretting, accept the situation and let go of the negative thoughts whizzing round my head using the lovely Dru earth sequence to help with this. Then I’ll have another honey and lemon drink to soothe my throat and be grateful for the gift of speech.

I apologise to any of my students reading this, and hope that normal service will be resumed next week!