Dream your dreams


“You shape your future reality by what you do in the present. Look to your dreams” – James Borg

I believe that yoga helps us to improve our lives in many ways, and we can use the powerful tools it gives us in whatever way we need. In Dru yoga we use a lot of visualisations and affirmations to complement the physical movement and relaxation. It’s fairly well known now that sports people visualise themselves achieving a goal to help them to actually achieve it. In the same way, we can visualise ourselves doing a yoga posture if we find it challenging, which helps the body to move into it and overcome any fear that’s holding  us back.

We can also use visualisation or the power of our imagination to take us forward in life. The Dru sequence, Energy Block Release 3, helps us let go of limiting thoughts and encourages us to focus on our dreams, whether that’s to eat more healthily or become prime minister! The highlight of this sequence is the powerful archer posture, where we aim for our goal. Any action we take in life begins with a thought, so positive thoughts create positive action.

From the book Mind Power by James Borg….

“The reason why visualisation is so powerful and effective? It creates new neural pathways of experience – even though we haven’t actually lived the reality. Neuroscience has shown us that our thoughts alter the brain’s wiring and its neurochemistry”.

The next time you start daydreaming, go with the flow and don’t automatically dismiss it as a waste of time. Just think where it might lead you….





Heart intelligence

We usually think of the heart as a physical organ that pumps blood around our body to keep us alive. It certainly plays that vital role, but research from the HeartMath institute has found out that it is much more than that.

The heart has it’s own intelligence and has a magnetic field that is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain. This field can be detected a number of feet away from the body and has the capacity not only to affect all the other organs and systems in our own body, but also other people around us.

Their research also shows that “Positive emotions not only feel better subjectively, but tend to increase synchronization of the body’s systems, thereby enhancing energy and enabling us to function with greater efficiency and effectiveness”. In Dru yoga, we use affirmations and visualisations, which help to create those positive feelings and emotions – making us feel better about ourselves, and improving our relationships with others.