Just get on the mat

Adho mukha svanasana

A very powerful phrase that I recall from a poem whenever I’m feeling lethargic, or saying to myself, nah, leave it till tomorrow.  And as the saying goes, tomorrow never comes. I’ve been feeling that way with my writing recently, and the longer you leave something, the harder it gets to do it. Routines get broken, particularly over the summer, and come September, it’s sometimes hard to find the motivation to start work again. It’s even more so now that I’ve retired from my 9-5 job and only myself to answer to.

So the longer I’ve left writing this blog, the harder it’s become to do. Weeks have passed when I’ve thought about it and not put fingers to keyboard. Then I start thinking, is it worth it? Who reads it anyway? Why bother? What difference will it make? All those insidious thoughts that creep in about all sorts of things that we enjoy or do us good like walking, meditation, drawing, yoga, eating well. For me, I know that I have to ‘just get on the mat’. Take one small step towards something and before you know it, you’ve walked a mile, done 20 minutes yoga practice, or written a blog post. And feel great at having done it!

In classes this week, we’ll be practicing the ‘Inner Fire’ sequence, a fantastic Dru yoga sequence that helps to ignite your inner fire, giving you inspiration, motivation and confidence.

Feeling tired.
Not in the mood.
Your body’s aching.
You’ve got other things to do.
Can’t slow your mind down.
Just get on the mat.

From The Spirit of Yoga by Cat de Rham and Michele Gill