Inner Peace

beach and clouds

Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it – Unknown.

Yoga gives us the ability to cope with life more easily and not let ourselves be upset so much by what happens to us. We all find ourselves in difficult situations, but we have a choice about how we deal with those situations. We might say ‘They made me so angry’, or ‘They really upset me’. However strange it may seem, we can choose not to become angry or upset. We don’t have to be at the mercy of our mind or emotions, but can learn to ride the waves, and to calm them down. Practicing breathing techniques and relaxing the body helps us to pause, and not to react in habitual ways.

This week in class we’ll be focusing on restorative and calming postures to help us find that inner peace – even if just for a moment or two. You then can learn to string those moments together, until you have a whole long chain of them…………


Grounding and strengthening


This week our focus is on grounding and strengthening. As the new school term starts, even if you don’t have children of school age, this time of year can bring back feelings of insecurity, excitement or anxiety. Yoga can help to restore a sense of calmness and stability through grounding movement and calm breathing.

Our feet provide that stable connection with the ground beneath us, and being firmly rooted to the earth through our feet gives us that wonderful feeling of strength and security. The Dru earth sequence, Prithvi Namaskara, is a flowing sequence of simple movements co-ordinated with the breath that helps you connect with the earth beneath you.