Easy as riding a bike?

Sue and bike

When you’ve not ridden a bike for over 30 years, it might not seem so easy! The first challenge is getting over all the self-limiting thoughts like ‘I’m too old’, ‘look at all those fit young guys – I’ll look stupid’. Then the fears of falling off and hurting yourself, losing control and careering off the path, or just not being able to do it any more. Thinking about how you’ll ache the next day. And all those thoughts happening in the flash of a second, so almost without being aware of it, you say, ‘Nah, forget it ‘.

But what if you can catch those thoughts, challenge them, and replace them with positives? Then you can think, ‘No, you’re never too old’, ‘Who’s going to be looking at me anyway?’. ‘What if it all comes back to me, and I enjoy it?’ and ‘It’ll be good for me’. At least then, you’ll have a go and give yourself the opportunity.

Very similar thoughts can go through your head when thinking about a yoga class, or returning to any sort of physical exercise after a break. Yoga can help you become aware of your thoughts and to challenge them, so that your life becomes healthier, more free and enriching. In a yoga class, you can challenge yourself in a safe environment, and do things that you wouldn’t have thought possible.

 As someone who’s struggled with fear and self-limiting thoughts for a long time, it felt really exhilarating to be riding that bike! (I know the picture doesn’t prove it, but I did, honest. And the number of my bike, that I’m pointing at – double-o seven).


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