How do you approach challenging poses?

Do you look round and compare yourself with others and want to do better? Do you push yourself into it and risk injury? Are you cautious and avoid stretching yourself too far? As in yoga, as in life. Through yoga you learn more about yourself and how you approach life. Sometimes you need to hold back and sometimes you need to move to the edge and take more risks. Enjoy exploring yourself on the safety of your mat. Know your strengths and learn where you need to develop more strength and courage.

“Our strength grows out of our weaknesses”, Ralph Waldo Emerson



Hello and welcome to my yogic thoughts and musings.

In teaching yoga classes, I often plan a loose theme for a series of classes to resonate with the energy of the ever-changing seasons, using key words to guide the sessions.

And sometimes I just go with the flow…….

Inspiration comes from many sources, including teachers, friends, books and online resources, and I frequently use short readings to support what we’ve done in class. These musings are an attempt to share that inspiration and enrich the experience for those who come to my classes, (and for those who don’t).

Om shanti,


Developing strength

: physical, mental and emotional

Words for yogaIt’s springtime, and we’re harnessing the energy of the season to invigorate and revitalise. We’re working with strengthening poses, such as the warriors, tiger, cobra. All help to develop physical strength, particularly of the core and back muscles. They also help to develop the qualities of courage, determination and endurance.

If you don’t find them easy, they can teach you something about yourself. We often need a challenge in order to recognise and appreciate our strength. “Yoga practice is like an obstacle race: many obstacles are purposely put on the way for us to pass through”.1 This can be true on the yoga mat and in life. That moment when you think ‘I didn’t think I could do that’.  The challenges are presented to us to help us to develop and grow. Often the poses we find most difficult are the ones that teach us most about ourselves. Challenging situations in life are similar.

1 Swami Satchidananda in Georg Feuerstein’s Yoga Gems